Welcome to my Gallery of Arabian horses. I also paint people, pets and wildlife  - see below for details.

Gallery and Image Licensing Enquiries welcome.

Wind from the East - pastel by Lesley Ann Hartman

Artist's Blog - 'Notes from the Easel'. Updates regularly.

New Sculpture  page recently added.  First bronzed resin head available. Very Limited edition of 25. Book yours now!                                       

Many originals are sold, especially the Arabian horse paintings, before they can appear on my site.  So if you are interested in original work please email or phone to be informed when one is available.

I am taking very few commissions at the present time due to pressure of work.  But feel free to contact me if you do not mind waiting.  Contact  by sending an  Email or by phone or the Feedback form on the Contact page.

If you wish to place an order there is fast payment online through PayPal with your favourite credit card or by post.  All Prices are now in UK Pounds and PayPal will do the conversion for you. There is also a Currency Converter at the base of the Order Page for your convenience.
Working mainly to commission from worldwide Arabian horse enthusiasts and Art connoisseurs I am dedicated to immortalizing the beauty, nobility and grace of the Arabian horse through my art.  Occasionally there has been a little time to also paint pets, people, wolves  and wildlife.  Lots of the designs are now available as exclusive, signed and numbered, Limited Edition and 'Mini' Prints with many more planned. Please come into the Gallery take your time and enjoy..... Prices include postage and if you require insurance please contact me for a quote.  
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